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  • Adren — Adren·a·lin; adren·a·line; adren·a·lone; adren·er·gen; …   English syllables

  • lin — ace·tyl·cho·lin·esterase; ac glob·u·lin; Adren·a·lin; al·ka·lin·i·ty; al·ka·lin·i·za·tion; al·ka·lin·ize; al·lin·eate; al·lin·eation; amy·e·lin·ic; amyg·da·lin; anas·pa·lin; ani·lin·gus; an·i·lin·ism; an·thra·lin; an·ti·cho·lin·es·ter·ase;… …   English syllables

  • Adrenalin — Adren·a·lin …   English syllables

  • adrenalinemia — adren·a·lin·emia or chiefly Brit adren·a·lin·ae·mia ə .dren əl ə nē mē ə n the presence of abnormal amounts of epinephrine in the blood * * * adren·a·lin·emia (ə dren″ə lin eґme ə) the presence of epinephrine in the blood …   Medical dictionary

  • Adrenalin — Adren·a·lin ə dren əl ən trademark used for a preparation of levorotatory epinephrine * * * Adren·a·lin (ə drenґə lin) trademark for preparations of epinephrine …   Medical dictionary

  • adrenalinuria — adren·a·lin·uria (ə dren″ə lin uґre ə) the presence of epinephrine in the urine …   Medical dictionary

  • a — acar·a·pis; ac·a·ri·a·sis; ac·a·ri·a·sis; ac·a·ri·na; ac·a·ri·nar·i·um; ac·a·rine; ac·a·ri·nol·o·gy; ac·a·ri·no·sis; ac·a·ro·ce·cid·i·um; ac·a·roid; ac·a·rol·o·gist; ac·a·rol·o·gy; ac·a·ro·pho·bia; ac·a·rus; acat·a·lep·sy; acat·a·lex·is;… …   English syllables

  • noradrenaline — SYN: norepinephrine. n. acid tartrate SYN: norepinephrine bitartrate. n. bitartrate SYN: norepinephrine bitartrate. * * * nor·adren·a·line also nor·adren·a·lin .nȯr ə dren əl ən n …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperadrenalinemia — hy·per·adren·a·lin·emia or chiefly Brit hy·per·adren·a·lin·ae·mia .hī pə rə .dren əl ə nē mē ə n the presence of an excess of adrenal hormones (as epinephrine) in the blood …   Medical dictionary

  • Adrenaline — A substance produced by the medulla (inside) of the adrenal gland, adrenaline (the official name in the British Pharmacopoeia) is synonymous with epinephrine. Technically speaking, adrenaline is a sympathomimetic catecholamine. It causes… …   Medical dictionary

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